Now through the end of the day, Frontier Airlines is offering flights from just $11 one-way plus the opportunity to earn a free $25 flight certificate. $11 fares are available on routes throughout the United States on select dates. Additionally, the $25 flight credit is only available to select travelers. Here’s what travelers need to know about this limited time offer.

Update: This offer ends tonight (10-22). To access Frontier’s promotional fares and earn $25 in credit toward future flights, you must complete your booking or registration by the end of the day.

Frontier Airlines Cheap flights and Discount Den promo 2020
Fly with Frontier from just $11 one-way plus new Discount Den members earn $25 in future travel credit. (Image by Max Prosperi / The College Points)

New Discount Den Members Earn $25 Flight Credit

As part of this promotion, you will earn $25 towards future travel on Frontier when you sign up for the airline’s Discount Den program. Discount Den is Frontier’s paid discount club and costs $59.99 per year. To sign up, simply provide some basic information like your name, email address, and other personal details. If you sign up for Discount Den before the end of the day (October 22nd), you will earn $25 towards future travel. More information about this program and the offer is available below.

What Is Frontier Discount Den?

Discount Den is not the same thing as myFrontier––Frontier’s frequent flyer program. One can be a member of myFrontier but not the Discount Den program. However, if one is to sign up for Discount Den, they will automatically be enrolled in myFrontier. myFrontier is Frontier’s basic frequent flyer program in which members can earn and redeem Frontier Miles. Discount Den, takes this a step further but, at a cost.

Discount Den is a paid membership. The annual cost to join the program is $59.99. However, as a Discount Den member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access Frontiers’s lowest fares. Example, the standard fare for a flight might be $29 however, the Discount Den fare may be available for $11.
  • Kids Fly Free: one child under the age of 15 can travel for free with an adult Discount Den member.
  • Additional savings and discounts as well as access to exclusive fares, promotions, and offers.

I am a member of the Discount Den program. However, I only fly with Frontier once or twice in a year. Nevertheless, I have found that the membership fee is quite reasonable and pays for itself over the course of those two or so flights.

With the current promotion which allows new Discount Den members to earn a $25 credit toward future travel on Frontier, the Discount Den program may very well be worth it for travelers that plan on taking one or two flights with Frontier over the next 365 days.

You can learn more about Discount Den and this promotion here.

Fly with Frontier from $11 One-Way

Discount Den members can also fly on select Frontier Airlines flights from just $11 one-way. However, travelers who are not members of the Frontier Discount Den program can also score flights from just $15 one-way. Frontier’s $11 member fares are only available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. General deals available to all travelers are available throughout the week with Tuesdays and Saturdays featuring especially cheap fares. Blackout dates are November 20th through 30th. Additionally, a 14-day advance purchase window may be required.

Here are some of the deals you can book with Frontier as part of this promotion:

  • Atlanta, GA to/from Orlando, FL: $19 One-Way ($11 w/ Discount Den)
  • Atlanta, GA to/from Philadelphia: $19 One-Way ($11 w/ Discount Den)
  • Austin, TX to/from Denver, CO: $34 One-Way ($19 w/ Discount Den)
  • Austin, TX to/from Orlando, FL: $34 one-way ($11 w/ Discount Den)
  • Chicago, IL to/from Las Vegas: $34 One-Way ($24 w/ Discount Den)
  • Denver, CO to/from St. Louis, MO: $29 One-Way ($19 w/ Discount Den)
  • Islip, NY to/from Orlando, FL: $29 One-Way ($19 w/ Discount Den)
  • Las Vegas, NV to/from Los Angeles, CA: $15 One-Way ($11 w/ Discount Den)

Those are just a handful of deals that are available through the end of the day as part of this promotion. The full list of deals is available via this link.

Frontier Offering $11 Fares plus $25 Flight Credit with Discount Den registration
Here's just one flight that travelers can book as part of Frontier's current promotion. (Image via Frontier Airlines)

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